All boarding dogs are

$30 per night per dog



10% discount for 2 dogs

15% discount for 3 dogs

Cat boarding 

$15 per night for the first cat

$10 per night each additional cat

Six, ten and twelve foot long rooms to accommodate from small single dogs to multiple dog families.  Any sized dogs welcomed!


All dogs stay in suites, NOT cages!

How You Are Charged

You are charged just like a people motel.  No matter what time you come in on arrival day, you are charged for that night and each night your pet is here.  On the departure day, if you pick up before 1:00pm Tuesday through Friday or between 8-10am Saturday, Sunday or Monday, there is no charge for that day.  If you pick up in the afternoon on those days,

there is a 1/2 nights charge.



Play Time

All dogs are let out four times per day to potty and exercise 7 days a week. 


Like sized spayed/neutered dogs go out together for outdoor playtime.


Non spayed/neutered pets are let out separartely.



We ask that you bring your own food that your pet is used to eating.  


Please make sure it is marked with your pets name and directions (how much & how many times per day).  It is not required but if your pet eats a special amount each day or each feeding, having it in individual ziplock bags guarantees your pet is getting the proper amount you like for it to have.


We do not need bowls/dishes from home (you may not get them back).



We do NOT medicate cats.


We do NOT charge for giving medications to your dog.  Please make sure that all medications are in a ziplock bag with the pets name and instructions on or in the bag.


If your dog needs pills that are not chewable, they MUST be accompanied with

Pill Pockets.  



A lot of pets tend to destroy their bedding from home if they stay more than a few days.  We do have bedding but you can bring your own if you want.  


Toys/chew toys are welcome to come but could get lost or destroyed.  Please keep that in mind if it's his/her favorite.



Special Notes

Please keep in mind that if you have a dog that is a player (likes to play), that sometimes dogs play rough and can, from time to time, get a scratch or a scrape due to this playtime.  

When your pet gets home, it is completely normal for your pet to drink a lot of water.... our dogs do the same thing after their stay here.